Robert B. Haase was first diagnosed with cancer in 2008, the same year that his privately-owned vocational school had to close its doors due to the economy bringing student loans for schools like his to a sudden halt.

He had lost everything it seems. His business, home, car, marriage and income. He lost everything, except what mattered. He was surrounded by his three daughters, family and friends, all he really needed.

Robert emerged with hope for the future and was on a path of rebuilding when he received devastating news in 2013. The cancer was back. Between 2008 and the fall of 2013, Robert had a total of ten surgeries and procedures on his tongue. Then, in the span of 30-days, he had three more. The last was to take one-half of his tongue.

“Robert is a class act. He made the event what it was with his charm and grace. He connected with the audience and was a delight to work with.”

~ Trinette Baer-Kowalski, Gilda’s Club

Addressing the Providence Cancer Survivor Celebration, June 2016

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Like a baseball pitcher being told he would lose his throwing arm, Robert had to come to grips with being told his speaking and consulting career may be over. Half of his tongue must come out or he would lose his life. With the major surgery and reconstruction using tissue from his left forearm, taking place on October 3, 2013, and his radiation and chemotherapies coming to an end on December 17, 2013, he has been on a road to recovery ever since. King 5 News, an NBC affiliate, ran a story on  October 4th, 2013, the day after his surgery and followed up with another story on June 17, 2014 when Robert came back to doing what he loves full time... public speaking. USA Today online and other news sources picked up the story as well.

Robert has spent a great deal of time working on his new voice, working to improve his articulation so that others can hear his message with clarity. And it has paid off as he does it with grace and is humbled that he is able to use what he has left to encourage and bless others.

“It’s not the voice I would have chosen” Haase said, “but it is the voice I have been given.”

Robert speaks to a variety of audiences and is available to address your group, business or organization.

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