With over 40-years of business, sales and marketing experience, Robert B. Haase brings a vast amount of knowledge to give his consulting clients the tools and insights they need to grow their businesses.

Robert’s consulting experience includes market sectors including:

  1. Regional Radio Stations

  2. Commercial Construction

  3. Non-Profit Performing Arts Organizations

  4. Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Therapists

  5. Professional Matchmaking Services

  6. Certified Public Accountants

  7. Seminar Presenters

  8. Continuing Education Organizations

Whether you need one-on-one help as a self-employed SOHO (Small Office Home Office), a consulting partner to work directly with your team, or training for your whole organization in a large audience format, Haase Seminars & Consulting can help.

Contact us today at 360-918-8700, or email us for more information.


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